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El Caminos Plus

Restoration Parts and Supplies

El Caminos Plus is closed.

First and Foremost, we would like to thank all of our customers who made purchases throughout these last 18 years.  And, to those who have become our friends, you need to know that all is well here, we are simply expanding our horizons.

I have accepted a federal job with the US Forest Service, yes, to those who are smiling already it’s Ranger Rick.

Sue is almost finished with her Real Estate degree.

Please accept our deepest apologies but we have no faith whatsoever in the current political administration or in its policies.  We may reopen our business when (IF) the economy gets better or shows signs of truly coming back. We just don't see it happening anytime soon.

El Caminos Plus is For Sale

We have closed the doors for the last time under our ownership on June 30, 2014.   We are asking what we consider to be the paltry sum of $425,000 for the business and everything that goes with it. This would include all of our regular inventory (approximately $100k), our proprietary parts, tooling and business related items. It does NOT include any of our cars or our NOS stock that I squirreled away in anticipation of restoring some of them.  

For those who would ask for our “numbers”, I can tell you up front, they do not match our asking price.  I purposely pulled back all advertizing and new customer projects while we attended college over the last three years, so our business has slowed considerably.  I am quite certain that I could get these projects rolling again and the business would do just fine, even in today’s market.

E C Plus is ours outright, we don’t owe any banks or have any debt.  EC Plus is our idea and our creation ... from the conception ... to what it has been ... to what it is today.

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